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This list of Beyblade characters describes characters from the original anime and manga series and its related media, as well as the Metal Chezt and Shogun Steel …Gingka Hagane (? ??, Hagane Ginga) is the primary protagonist of the Metal Saga.

Gingka Hagane holds the title as the "No. 1 Blader in the World" and is a .Sho Tenma (Japanese: ???????, Sho Tenma) is the primary protagonist of the animated series.cheat codes for all. 1E Enable Code (Must Be On) 00000368 000A 1003D840 0007 1 Infinite Zeni 8300155C FFFF 2 Max Zeni 8300155C E0FF 8300155E 05F5?????????? (Dyueru Masutazu) Genre: Fantasy, Action Adventure: Manga: Written by: Shigenobu Matsumoto: Published by: Shogakukan: DemographicPokemon FireRed Cheat Bunch game shark code for Pokemon FireRedGameFly, the #1 video game rental service.

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