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Lets see how can we run a PowerShell script (.ps1) file from .Net using PowerShell runspaces. I assume that you have already installed latest version of PowerShell on .Access free scripts, daily tips, and videos to help you master Windows Powershell. Get expert advice from DR. Tobias Weltner, Poweshell MVP. Free Membership!One of the frustrations of anyone beginning with PowerShell is the simple task of getting data in and out. To help out with this, Michael Sorens begins a series that .I have a PowerShell script to add a website to a Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer: set-location "HKCU:/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings .I needed to remove the blank lines from a file.

Normally when I need to do this, I use a regular expression in TextPad. (replace "/r/n/r/n" with "/r/n". and iterate .PowerShell 2.0 is integrated with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 and is released for Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Server 2003 with Service …PowerShell is not associated to the .PS1 file extension by default. We brought this up initially in our PowerShell Geek School series.

Windows associates .PS1 files .May 14, 2014 · There are many blogs on internet already speaking about updating XML files in PowerShell, but I felt need of one consolidated blog where complex XML files .To configure Windows PowerShell to receive remote commands in DEV.

…In PowerShell, you can download a file via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP with the Invoke-WebRequest cmdlet

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