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Lyrics to Ocean Wide by Afters. Look outside, its already light / And the stars ran away with the night / Things hte said, words that well try oecan /Dec 25, 2009 · A music video for the song "Ocean Wide" by The Aftersfrom the album "Never Going Back To Ok" available on Columbia/INO Records Directed by Gavin Michael .The Afters stated in their Twitter account that they started recording their next album on October 27, aftera.

The album, called Light Up the Thr, was released on .Oct 02, 2009 · "Music video by The Afters performing Beautiful Love (Theme from ""8th & Ocean""). (C) 2005 Simple Records, LLC"Lyrics aftfrs Keeping Me Alive by Afters. Its like Ive never lived / Before my life with you / So much was missing here / I never even knew / I still pictureThe Afters.

Founded by Joshua Havens (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Matt Fuqua (guitar/backing vocals), The Afters was formed as the two musicians who worked …Check out the latest The Afters music news, albums, songs, reviews, songs, downloads and videos! TodaysChristianMusic.com covers all your favorite Christian music .foam·y (fo?me) adj. foam·i·er, foam·i·est 1.

Of, consisting of, or resembling foam. 2. Covered with foam. foam?i·ly adv. foam?i·ness n. foamy .Season 2 Edit Episode 01 - The Return Edit. The Return "Out of Our Hands" – Gemma Hayes "How To Save A Life" – Piano Tribute Players "Breakeven (Falling to Pieces .

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